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Trends in Packaging and Labeling for Brands

Feb. 23, 2022

The e-commerce boom remains strong in 2021. It's time for brands to step up and make themselves and their packaging stand out, regain an emotional connection with customers and re-engage them. YF Understanding the latest trends in the packaging industry helps us to provide the best advice to our clients.

What are customers really looking for? First, we delve into the trends that brands must have. 

Trends in Packaging and Labeling for Brands

Protective Packaging

Once, consumers shopped online by choice. Protective packaging is designed to protect items from any physical harm and damage during shipping. 

In fact, over time, we've seen a demand for stronger bags as customers upgrade the way they buy bulk items like flour and pet food.

Brands are under more pressure to provide better protection without compromising on appearance, especially as more products move throughout the supply chain.

Metallized Paper

Packaging designers need to create designs that are easy to understand and visually appealing. Label with metallic luster can showcase the beauty of a beverage bottle or body wash bottle, allowing people to notice them at a glance. Wet-strength paper also protects the clarity of the label in wet environments, and the package will not be easily damaged. 

The benefits of metallized papers can be seen throughout the industry; they help distinguish your packaging from others, so your product will immediately catch the attention of customers when they walk into a store. 

Trends in Packaging and Labeling for Brands

Clear Packaging

Clear packaging is a great addition to a brand's portfolio. Consumers like to see what they are buying to better assess the contents or, for example, the freshness of a food product to determine if it is of good quality. 

In addition, they like to see what the product actually looks like and whether it meets their expectations before they buy it. If they can be confident that they want exactly what they will get, they are more likely to buy the product.

You can try a variety of methods, but we have found that clear windows are definitely a consumer favorite. These can be used in our four-sided closure and flat bottom bags as well as pouches. 

Trends in Packaging and Labeling for Brands

Sensory Packaging

Incorporating sensory packaging into your portfolio will ensure that your products stand out from the thousands of other products on the market. Multi-sensory packaging ranges from stunning visual elements, auditory features, tactile experiences, olfactory elements and taste.

Through unique experiences, the way your audience interacts with your packaging is different and can build loyalty between your company and your consumers. 


Take advantage of these trends and make sure your brand is one step ahead. By creating exactly the kind of packaging your audience wants and needs, you make your brand irreplaceable. 

We can help you with these trends, and together we can create beautiful and functional packaging that's ready to take 2022 by storm. So let's make this the best year yet!

Trends in Packaging and Labeling for Brands