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Q: What is the Paper Metallizing Process?


A base varnish is applied to increase gloss level and seal the pores inherent with the paper.



A microscopic thin layer of aluminium, approximately 30 nanometers thick, is evaporated on paper.


Post-coating & Roll-finishing

Provides a degree of abrasion resistance and a printable surface onto the metallized substrate.

Q: Which Print Methods and Inks do Your Metallized Papers Support?

Our papers can be used with a variety of conventional inks. A member of our team will always be sure to ask which print method you use as our papers are treated differently depending on your print method.


Our metallized papers for UV offset printing for example, have a special coating applied which is optimized for this method of printing. We use a different treatment for other print methods which enhances the ink performance for these types of print. The most important aspect to note, however, is that our metallized papers support most contemporary print methods, giving stunning finishes.


Our ink advice is also included as a standard feature for our customers and their partners.

Q: What are the Features of Metallized Paper?

Good looks

Leaving a lasting impression with high gloss and smoothness.



Compatible with a wide range of printing technologies.



Reliable and high-quality assured.



Meeting industry and regulatory requirements.



Striking the balance between economy and quality.



Sustainable and recyclable alternative to film and foil.


Variety of widths

Available in different widths to support
 the converting base.



Designed to meet the specific needs of different industries.


Reduced waste

Less waste at end of supply chain.

Q: Are you Trading Company or Manufacturer?

We are factory.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of printing on the metallized surface of UV-curable inks?

Printing with UV inks is a more versatile and environmentally friendly method for non-absorbent materials. The advantage of this technology is that it requires no anti-set-off powder and the ink dries almost instantly.


However, UV inks are more expensive than foil ones and can be used only for special printing machines that feature extra driers. This makes the process more energy consuming and expensive when using the UV inks.

Q: What is the right way to store metallized materials?

Metallized paper should be stored enclosed in their original packaging to ensure a constant humidity indicator.


Before printing, the material should be acclimatized in the production room for at least 2 hours. If the difference between the temperatures of the metal and the room is big, the acclimatization should be prolonged to 24 hours.

Q: What is benefits for clients in the printing industry?

1) Premium look

2) Great reflective "pop"

3) Attention grabbing

4) Printability

5) Lay flat

6) Rigidity

7) Higher line speed

8) High die cutting performance

9) Low waste ratio

10) High die cutting performance

11) Low waste ratio

Q: What is benefits for end users?

1) High labeling speed

2) Curling / wrinkling

3) Low glue consumption

4) Better wash-off times

5) Great Ink retention

6) Higher line speed

Q: What is your MOQ?

Normally our MOQ for each size is 2 tons.If you think it is too much,we can discuss accordingly  to your requirement in details for the trial order.

Q: What is your delivery time?

We deliver in 15-20 days