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Creating The Right Label Material for You

Aug. 18, 2022

Sometimes, choosing a material for your labels can seem overwhelming. You want a material that is strong enough to resist peeling or tearing while the product is in use. You also want the stunning designs you choose to represent your brand and products to be vibrant and attractive.

How do you reconcile the different goals you want to achieve with your labels, and how do you know which material is right for you? YF's experts are here to break down the different material options and some of the key benefits of each.



Paper labels are usually the most cost effective and easiest label material to use for a wide range of applications. If your products are not subject to environmental stresses such as moisture, and your main concerns are simplicity and cost, then paper labels may be just what you need. If you're looking for materials that retain their strength and appearance after being immersed in water, then check out our wet strength metallized papers.

We offer a variety of different paper material options, not just white. The most popular is our metallized paper, where we don't have to print with metallic inks, but can use the substrate to achieve metallic design elements. Again, there are relatively more color options when printing on metallic paper than when using metallic inks.


Texture Options

In competitive industries like wine and spirits, it's important to discover new ways to connect with your customers. While the vast majority of labels are smooth to the touch, textured material options actually provide a tangible element to your labels, no matter how much size is added through stunning designs.

When you want a high-end look for your product, one of the best ways to achieve it is to choose a textured substrate for your labels. We offer many pattern options for labels, but our line of textured materials doesn't stop there. If your goal is to create a high-end look for your product, holographic metallized paper is a great way to go. This shiny material gives you a distinctive and luxurious look.


Sustainable Options

With so many consumer concerns about sustainability throughout the product supply chain, it's no surprise that companies are increasingly looking for label material options that meet their sustainability goals. We have been working for the past several years to provide more sustainable options for the brands we work with. Many of our materials are certified sustainably sourced materials.

Metal is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled; we also offer labels made from varying amounts of post-consumer waste, including 100% post-consumer waste.

As consumers begin to demand that companies adopt more sustainable practices, being able to demonstrate the fact that "this label is printed on 100% recycled material" can have a huge impact.

Material selection is just one of several aspects to consider when looking to start your next labeling project. What coating to use, adhesive quality and color considerations will all play a technical role in making your label suitable for your product. While this list includes our most popular label materials, it is not exhaustive. The best way to determine which label material is right for your product is to speak with a labeling expert. yf's team of experts will listen to your concerns and guide you to what you really need. Contact us today!