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Wet Strength Agent Creates Wet Strength Paper

Nov. 03, 2021

PPE wet strength agent, a non-toxic, odourless paper making auxiliary that can greatly improve the dry and wet strength of the page, suitable for all kinds of paper production with wet strength requirements, because it has both retention and filtration characteristics, but also as a retention aid in the papermaking process, filter aid, therefore, PPE wet strength agent is a widely used, promising and excellent auxiliary.  



Wet strength agent is known as polyamide polyoxychloropropane resin, is a water-soluble, cationic, thermosetting resin, does not contain formaldehyde polymer, non-toxic and odourless.

It can be copied under neutral, slightly alkaline and acidic conditions and has a wide range of pH values. The wet strength agent has a higher reinforcing effect on wood pulp than grass waste paper.

As the pulping degree increases, the surface area of the pulp fibres increases, and the greater the adsorption capacity of the wet strength agent, the higher the dry and wet strength of the paper.

Negatively charged filler, rubber and fine fibres have a strong adsorption effect, the paper copying process has a significant retention, filtering effect.

The amount added depends on the wet strength requirements of the paper, too much will lead to flocculation of the pulp, affecting the evenness of paper copying and the reuse of damaged paper, and will seriously stick to the hair and sticky cylinder.

It has an improvement on paper folding resistance, surface strength and transverse expansion rate, and has good effect on reducing wet paper web breakage in paper machine operation.  

 Wet Strength Agent Creates Wet Strength Paper

Application technology

Improved retention and filtration aid: The addition of approximately 0.2% wet strength agent can increase the retention of fibres in the first bail from 70% to over 80%. In the use of PPE fiber full mixing is very important, with the mixing process, the new fiber surface is constantly exposed, the closer the adsorption of wet strength agent and fiber, the more obvious the effect.

Wet strength agent dosage tests have shown that the Cobbeo value of the paper decreases significantly with increasing dosage of wet strength agent.

Adding PPE can reduce the amount of imported pulp and increase the amount of domestic pulp to reduce costs without affecting the quality of the premise.

When using, first pour PPE into a plastic bucket according to the dosage, add cold water and dilute 5-10 times, stir evenly, slowly add to the post-mill pool or pulp pool, then stir for more than 15 minutes. The addition of PPE before and after sizing has little effect on the wet strength of the paper, but high shear equipment should be avoided as far as possible to avoid damaging the bond between resin and fibre.

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