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Simple Introduction of Vacumm Metallized Paper

Dec. 11, 2020

Metalized paper is a kind of environment friendly product, it is easy to disposal and reclaim. We produce metalized paper series ranging from 65gsm to 85gsm . The paper was widely used in beer label, cigarette, medicine packing food packing gift wrapping, cosmetic decoration etc. and it has a good performance to printing.


1) High gloss, strong metallic look, perfect metallization evenness, smoothness of surface and excellent aluminum adhesion.

2) With excellent adhesion ability with ink, the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges.

3) Suitable for offset printing, gravure printing and flexible printing, etc.

4) Excellent properties when use for labels.

5) High water absorbency.

6) High resistance to alkali.

7) Easy to stick or remove from bottles.