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Which Is the Best Way to Use a Metallized Substrate?

Apr. 11, 2023

The use of metallic inks is a popular way to add a glossy element to packaging and labels. Just like metallized paper, metallic inks can help packages "pop" on the shelf ...... to draw consumers' attention to the product and increase product consideration. So while both metallized paper and metallized ink offer an exciting look, which one has the advantage over the other and, most importantly, which application works best and where?


Okay, let's talk about appearance: do metallized papers and metallized inks look any different?

Honestly, both look great.


The metallized paper has a natural sheen and lustre. Our customers and brands love the premium feel it can add to their labels and packaging. Metallized inks are also attractive, but they are not as glossy as our papers. On large areas, the limited gloss can be a drawback and any defects are easily noticeable. That said, metallic inks are usually used to cover small areas and look great.

Non-Wet Strength Metallized Paper For Self Adhesive Label

 Non-Wet Strength Metallized Paper For Self Adhesive Label

Cost: What should I consider?

Again, we will go ahead: both metallized paper and metallized ink offer advantages, although they provide efficiencies for different applications. The metallized paper offers good value per square area. The advantage here is that it is typically used for large areas of paper or packaging. Metallized paper can easily add a luxurious and premium feel to products and packaging, allowing brands to set their sales price higher than what might be possible with a more "plain" looking package or label.


If the end user wants to cover a large area, metallic inks can become relatively expensive. Conversely, if a brand or end-user wants to make small improvements to packaging, labels and other applications, it may be more advantageous to use metallic inks. Using metallic inks for smaller areas can keep costs reasonable and maintain high print quality.

What is the best way to use metallized substrates?

First and foremost, the metallized appearance of paper brings added value to the products that contain it.


Your customers definitely want you to provide quality labels that reflect the quality and value of their products, which means that the label face material is a key factor to consider when ensuring that your customers are presenting products with significant shelf appeal.


Non Wet Strength Metallized Paper

 Non-Wet Strength Metallized Paper

The natural metallic effect of this substrate makes it very easy to create a wonderful contrast between metallic and opaque details. To do this, set the opaque white for metallic parts to 0% and the non-metallic elements to 100%. Alternatively, use the percentage of opaque white to provide different levels of opacity to the label. The smooth finish and, of course, the metallic appearance make this substrate eye-catching and help brands use its appeal to convey a sense of quality and high value to customers.

In addition, from a printing perspective, metallized paper is a premium face stock - it runs like paper, is smooth and easy to use, and has minimal delays in printing and converting infrastructure due to quality issues.


This substrate is suitable for all types of inks, and it provides a surface that is ideally suited to the interaction between paper and ink, resulting in excellent printability, high definition and text clarity.


These properties make this substrate ideal for beer and food labels. 

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